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Throb will ask you cherry-picked questions across topics of your interest. You voice your opinion on questions that interest you by selecting an answer Enjoy the thoughts of everyone! Your friends and anyone you follow...
Really it's that simple and quick! And the fun does not stop here!

throb lights exclusive content just the start
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Throb Lights will treat you with incredible insights and facts about you and your world. Read exclusive content by experts, comments from other people. This is just the start. Be ready to be wowed by our new features already in progress.

Watch Harmanpreet match Virat stroke for stroke in Throb Bouts. In Throb Bouts we show similar videos wherein two people care pitted against each other creatively and objectively and we ask you to decide who won. It is just for fun!

These regular videos from our movie experts cover different aspects of movies. From actors to scenes to trailers, we cover them all.

In Throb Unplugged we capture the public opinions face to face. These are done for selected questions and the video can be emotional, funny or dramatic, depending upon the topic.
Subscribe to our youtube channel for regular updates on our videos. These are exclusive content available only on the Throb channel.

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