Friendzy Offers

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Voice your opinions, get your friends, know what they think, start throbbing and win Amazing Amazon Vouchers!

Win Rs.150 Amazon Voucher by scoring 50 Throb Points within the week. Hurry up...Limited Vouchers only! Check out the details below and Happy Throbbing :)

Current Week: 23 Apr - 29 Apr

Offer Details

All you need are 3 or more awesome friends. Do you have them?

How can I score points?

Tip - Do you know that you can score 50 points even with 3 awesome friends, because each friend can help you win up to 14 points.

NEW FRIEND - Any new user on Throb referred by you during the Offer Current Week. See below how to refer

- 1 Point - For each question answered by you during the week. New questions are live nearly every day.
- 1 Point - For each NEW FRIEND who joins Throb during the week using your mobile number as referral code.
- 1 Point - For each NEW FRIEND who follows you during the week.
- 1 Point - For each NEW FRIEND you follow during the week.
- 1 Point - For each question answered by your NEW FRIEND.

Please note that the points will be rewarded only if you follow or get followed or for questions answered by new friends who have joined Throb during the current offer week and if he or she has been referred by you. (See below how to refer a friend)

How do I refer new friends?

Where can I see my points

How will I get my Voucher?

Once you bag 50 or more points, it will show a "Congrats" message in the points section in Throb Lights. The voucher will be then automatically sent to you within 2-3 working days AFTER THE OFFER WEEK ENDS.

Eg: Current week is 1 Jan - 7 Jan and you score 50 points within 1st-7th Jan, then the voucher will automatically be emailed to you before 10th Jan.

Terms & Conditions

- Every week the points will be reset for every user. The week begins at Sunday 12:00 at Night.
- Only valid users are eligible to participate in the contest. Fake accounts as identified by Throb will be suspended. Please refer to the Basic Rules for more details.
- One person can win only one reward in a week even if one scores more than 50 points, but can win multiple rewards across different weeks.
- The offer can be withdrawn or rules can be changed any time without prior notice.
- The offer is valid till stocks last.
- In case of any dispute, the decision taken by Throb will be binding and final.