Top Non-Contributors of Throb
He really would have contributed towards Throb, but since childhood he had been busy chasing a dream of winning the World Cup and he chose it over Throb. Well!
What about after the WC? Well his dream turned into a billion dreams..."Sachin: A billion dreams" and guess who were in a limbo.
He would have definitely contributed, had anyone informed him that Throb exists. As of now he is one of the least contributors of Throb. He tried his best to contribute and even signed some movies that were related to Throb...DILwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and DILwale. This gentleman went a step ahead and signed DIL because of Throb! Thanks! But not enough. Well he was close to being a contributor. He infact captured the real essence of Throb through his song "DIL dhak dhak karne laga". Wish he continued doing such stuff for Throb for some more time.

Top Contributors of Throb

You? If you think you can contribute to Throb in any way, please reach out to careers@throbventures.com. We are building a rocking team and it does'nt matter if you do not exactly match the skill sets of the people above. We might compromise :)

Some thoughts on Throb

Throb is a social platform that lets you know what everyone thinks. It brings everyone together on a common platform and empowers them to liberaly assert their opinions and thoughts, and thereby make themselves count. Though the World needs such an integrated and a powerful platform, it need not be drab, serious and uncool. Or lets put it this way, Throb does some powerful stuff in a wacky way.

Throb's grand vision is to connect every voice on earth and to capture an objective pulse of the masses in quick time. And do this in the most fun, social and exciting way, engaging and entertaining its users in innovative and creative ways (Alright alright, we know...every app claims that)

Driven by an integration of technology and social realms, Throb will be powered by its Artifical Intelligence, Data Management, blah blah modules that will enable it to seamlessly and effectively capture and transform raw social data into meaningful and impactful derivatives and applications.

The challenge of Throb lies in establishing a sovereign space for every individual, since they all exist within multiple overlapping communities, which keeps threatening it. To interrelate these spaces individually and community wise, Throb will evolve around the cornerstones of its fundamental thought framework.

The thought framework of Throb

Sovereign right to choose and express
Everyone has a sovereign right to make a choice and express that choice freely.

Be who you are
Be who you are and stand for it.

You exist and it matters
You are as powerful and equal as anyone else in this world. You matter as anyone else and your say will create an impact in the most equitable way.

The definitive voice above the noise
Interpretations and subjectivity is the root facilitator of manipulation of data and facts. So, bring in the highest level of objectivity in public opinions, thereby removing any biases and interpretations that have always been plaguing them. The primary data should be in the purest form that represents the voice of the masses. This voice is the definitive voice that emerges from the noise that is otherwise everywhere.

Connecting the dots
Synergize various results and datasets in unprecedented ways to discover a whole new world of perceptions and facts...be it about your city, your friends or about you.


throbsocial is the social arm of the throb app. Through throbsocial, throb reaches out to its users mainly through Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms. You can follow throb on any of these platforms by adding or following @throbsocial.

Throb Unplugged

Throb Unplugged captures the heart and the voice of the masses through face to face discussions with the common man on the streets. From time to time, relevant topics and questions are selected for discussions with the masses and the output is presented as a crisp video with trivia, insights and generally witty content.

Throb Unplugged videos can be emotional, funny or dramatic, depending upon the topic. This is a light watch on super features of a phone.

Throb Promos

Check out this Throb promotional video loosely based around the concept of Throb peppered with light humour. You can watch more such videos on our youtube channel @throbsocial