Basic Rules

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These are some basic rules, which you must follow in order to use Throb services. If any rule is found to be violated then your account may be suspended indefinitely or permanently without further notice and you may be barred from using the Throb services as a user, from the same account or from any new account.

An attempt has been made to make the rules simple and crisp and these are in addition to the Terms of Service which you should go through before using the Throb services.

- You should hold only one valid account of Throb, since each user is entitled to only one vote per question and holding multiple accounts to vote multiple times for a question is a serious violation of Throb's Terms of Use.

- If for any reason, your account is inaccessible you may create another account and start using it and you should vote only once using this new account. If the previous account becomes accessible again then you should choose one of them and abandon the other one.

- Even if you are using multiple devices to use Throb services, you must do it from a single Throb account.

- You as a user are free to make your choice and choose any option provided to you as per your wish. However, you should not choose an option just to manipulate the result, but choose an option to express yourself and maintain the spirit of democracy.

- Please do not be abusive, offensive, racial, personal while making your comments in the comments section and if you find any one else violating this, you should immediately flag the comment for us to review the same and the comment will be removed as appropriate.

- The comments section is not monitored actively by Throb and only flagged comments are continously monitored and reviewed.

- Any fake account created as indentified by our team will be removed or suspended. Throb team reserves the right to identify such accounts and take appropriate actions towards the account.