User Responses Policy

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All answers and comments for any question on the Throb platform are those of our users and in no way reflect the views or opinions of Throb or are related, promoted, supported, manipulated by Throb. These responses are independent views and acts by the users and the you as a user may respond to a question, ignore it or skip it as you deem fit. You may write a comment, respond to a comment, ignore it or flag it as you deem fit. Throb does not intervene, manipulate, censor, moderate outcomes from the polls and only presents the outcome as it is mathematically calculatable/aggregatebale from the direct user responses.


- Apart from the basic poll results, Throb presents user insights, scores and other facts and information and these are derived from the user responses and profiling and other related information. Throb reserves the right over these features and their content and may use its proprietory protocols, algorithms, frameworks, rules, interpretations, interpolations, analsyis, integration and other ways to create these content.

- Throb also reserves the right to create and present a Verdict, a Verdict Headline and a Verdict Summary from the user responses as relevant to the question and the result and these may be based on interpretations and subjective view of Throb editors.


- Throb does not censor comments based on the political, ideological, religious, philosophical or any other point of view. However, we reserve the right to delete, manage, edit any comments that are offensive, abusive, personal, indecent, inciting or provoking in nature or in any way which does not seem appropriate and Throb also reserves the right to take a decision on this matter and decide whether a comment is apporopriate or not.

- The comments section is not actively monitored by Throb, though we try to monitor them as much as possible, we may overlook any inappropriate comment. Users are advised to use caution while using the comments section and immediately "FLAG" a comment, which they deem violating the rules. Such, comments will be reviewed by Throb and appropriate action taken.

- If a commenter repeatedly violates our terms of use and User Responses Policy, we may block such users permanently from Throb and reserve the right to take any appropriate action on such users to ensure adherence to Throb's various policies and protocols.